MCB 4211

MCB 4211 Basic Immunology

Tuesday/Thursday 2pm BPB 131

MCB 4211 Syllabus F2020

Lecture 1- Tuesday 9/1

Lecture 2 Slide deck 9/3

Lecture 3 Slide deck 9/8

Lecture 4 Slide deck 9/10

Lecture 4 Slide deck 9/10_post class

Lecture 5 Slidedeck 9/15

Lecture 5 Sept 15 as delivered

Practice Quiz 1

Practice Quiz #1 Answers

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Slidedeck 7 Sept 22 2020

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Link to PDF version of textbook for purchase:

Required primary literature

Primary literature references from the scientific literature and their web links

  1. Kohler, G. and Milstein, C., Continuous cultures of fused cells secreting antibody of predefined specificity. Nature, 1975. 256: p. 495-7.
  2. Rennard, B.O., et al., Chicken soup inhibits neutrophil chemotaxis in vitro. Chest, 2000. 118(4): p. 1150-7. Download PDF
  3. Youn, J., et al., Metallothionein suppresses collagen-induced arthritis via induction of TGF-beta and down-regulation of proinflammatory mediators. Clin Exp Immunol, 2002. 129(2): p. 232-9.
  4. Dolk, E., M. van der Vaart, et al. (2005). “Isolation of llama antibody fragments for prevention of dandruff by phage display in shampoo.” Appl Environ Microbiol, 71(1): 442-50.

Optional (added value) Readings

  1. Hookworm mediated immune suppression and allergy/asthma treatment. gewanted=1&sq&st=nyt&scp=2
  2. Lack of connection between vaccination and autism, and recent connections of autism to specific non-coding RNAs
  1. autologous stem cells are rejected
  1. Social/Legal issues in Genetics and Immunology
  2. Vaccination programs and international policy
  3. Ferret Study Reinforces Role of Aerosols in SARS-CoV-2 Spread

Vaccination in the US

  1. HIV prevention pill “Truvada”
  2. CAR-T cancer immunotherapies.

Ruella, M., and June, C. (2018) Predicting Dangerous Rides in CAR T Cells: Bridging the Gap between Mice and Humans. Mol. Ther. 26(6) 1401-1403.–9-things-to-know.html

  1. Environmental toxicants and immune disease

Kreitinger JM, Beamer CA, Shepherd DM. Environmental Immunology: Lessons learned from exposure to a select panel of immunotoxicants. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md : 1950). 2016;196(8):3217-3225. doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1502149.

Mouse as a model system:

Do Mice Make Bad Models?

Genomic responses in mouse models poorly mimic human inflammatory diseases

Immunological Differences Between Lab Mice and Wild Mice

The comparative immunology of wild and laboratory mice, Mus musculus domesticus

HIV Links:

HIV Life Cycle

HIV Replication 3D Medical Animation

BCL-2 HIV Review Paper

Silencing HIV-1 In Vivo

Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in Adults and Adolescents with HIV

Engineering and functional evaluation of a single-chain antibody against HIV-1 external glycoprotein gp120

Accelerating HIV-1 Vaccine Efficacy Trials

Malignant Transformation of Hymenolepis nana in a Human Host

First New HIV Vaccine Efficacy Study in Seven Years Has Begun

Trispecific broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies mediate potent SHIV protection in macaques

HIV AIDS Replication Animation Video

HIV Life Cycle | HHMI BioInteractive Video

CRISPR-Edited Stem Cells in a Patient with HIV and Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia


Scientists hope animals’ immune systems will fight C. difficile

The genome sequence of Atlantic cod reveals a unique immune system

The Bursa of Fabricius: A Central Issue

Two heads are better than one

Generation of Antibody Diversity through Gene Rearrangement and Somatic Hypermutation

Anti-CD28 Therapy

The Scientists:

Abbie Lathrop

Karl Landsteiner- Nobel Prize Speech

George Williams, theorist on evolution

Peter Gorer Bio


Mapping Genetic Variation

An integrated map of genetic variation from 1,092 human genomes


Protein key for multiple malaria vaccine

A platelet-mediated system for shuttling blood-borne bacteria to CD8α+ dendritic cells depends on glycoprotein GPIb and complement C3

First Results of Phase 3 Trial of RTS,S/AS01 Malaria Vaccine in African Children

Flu breakthrough promises a vaccine to kill all strains

What Will the Next Influenza Pandemic Look Like?

Dengue vaccine falls short

Eyam village and the Great Plague

Flu shot package insert 2017

China has withheld samples of a dangerous flu virus

Some website addresses of interest to immunologists:  Immunology techniques biological materials, and instrumentation websites

Introduction to Flow Cytometry (video)  PUCL is the leading cytometry site since 1993  {a manufacturers guide to immunoassays}  {a home page for a flow cytometer

manufacturer}  {American Type Culture Collection; a source of cell lines and genetic resources}  {a resource of inbred mouse strains, transgenic and

knockout mice}

Cell Biology

Hematopoietic Stem and Immune Cell Progenitors

T Cell Signaling

Human fibroblasts to multilineage blood progenitors

Map of hematopoeisis

You are what you eat

Snake blood induces heart growth

Change skin into blood with no stops

Monocyte and macrophage differentiation

Origins and functions of tissue macrophages

Neutrophil Fate

Interesting Videos

March of the immune cells

Neutrophil chasing bacterium


Membrane and its molecular interaction

Animation of clonal selection

Cytotoxic T cell killing

Leukocyte extravasation with explanation

Mouse Farming

Mouse genetics concepts and applications

Making old mice young again

Mouse lady: Abby Lathrop

Leptin: a piece of obesity pie

Cloning frozen mice

Rapamycin extends lifespan in genetically heterogeneous mice

Mouse genome sequenced

Mouse model for autism

Humanized mice in drug testing

Mouse chronology

Viable moth-eaten mice

Interesting Links

Genetic Studies of the Etiology of Type 2 Diabetes in Pima Indians

Common Variable Immunodeficiency and Type 1 Diabetes Mellitusin a 19-year-old Filipino Male with Alopecia Universalis

Universal Flu Vaccine

Summary of Universal Flu Vaccine Clinical Trial

Plant Telomerase and Aging

Putting us all at risk for Measles

Autism/vaccine debate continues despite data

Don’t worry, Be happy…

TcR signal cascade

Listeria Rockets

Moratorium on gain of function research

Influenza vaccine alternatives

TgN 1412 and ARDS

Immunodeficiency foundation website

Save the Tasmanian Devil Project

Brain lymphatics

Neutrophils lead, T cells follow

B cell epitope prediction

{Zinkernagel and Doherty paper}

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Clinical trial hookworm and MS

{GWAS paper}

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Psychoneuroimmunology review

Human head transplant

Cleaning the porcine genome of viruses that prevent safe xenografting

New connections between the immune system and the brain

Immunology databases {a site that shows structural features of CD molecules}  {the office of rare diseases at NIH; for autoimmune diseases like Lupus, arthritis}

Genome databases  {mouse genome information}  {online mendelian inheritance in man}


Scientific journal websites  {the journal Cell}  {Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes} {The Journal of Immunology}  {listing of other scientific journal websites}


Scientific funding websites  {a site from which to search for currently funded NIH grants} {NSF awards data base}


Scientific document search engines  {for searching scientific journal citations “PubMed/Medline”  {the National Library of Medicine’s Toxline database of toxic  chemicals}


Scientific reagent and instrumentation companies:  {a supplier of monoclonal antibodies to human, mouse antigens and a flow cytometry company} {BioRad fluorescent  probe specta}